BadJapes is on hiatus as of the end of 2016. Thanks for stopping by, maybe we’ll see you again sometime. 



BadJapes, Limited was originally known as Badinage and Japes and it’s all gone downhill from there.

bad·i·nage ˌbadnˈäZH/
noun  1. humorous or witty conversation.
jape  jāp
verb  1. say or do something in jest or mockery.

We work with clients across New England, doing everything from giving good advice, designing for print, bookkeeping, social media management, and sharing cute photos of dogs. Send us a note through the contact page.

BadJapes is run by Meredith –

“a peppy twenty-something … if scientists could take the pep out of her blood and place it in vials, then it would be considered a Class A drug. That pep would have a high street value and having any of it on your person would get you twenty years to life in prison.”

(Thanks for saying so, LiP)